Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alligator Gar - Alligator Fish

The alligator gar is a large freshwater fish native to only North American waters. This species of fish is probably my favorite fish found in the freshwater of North America, because you see I am from America, and there is just something about this massive majestic fish that I find so amazing. The fact that a intimidating fish reaching 400+ pounds can reside right in my back yard I just find fascinating, and the thing is most American residents don't even realize this!
alligator gar fish
I consider the alligator gar fish the greatest North American freshwater fish. For one the alligator fish is the largest entirely freshwater fish found on North America, but this paired with it's thick alligator like scale amour plating & ability to survive in low oxygen water or even entirely out of the water for long periods of time makes it the ultimate fish of its continent! 
alligator gar fish

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  1. Talk about a river monster! The now-defunct SeaArama MarineWorld in Galveston had an alligator gar named 'Igor' that was 9'6" long!