Friday, May 12, 2017

Large sea creature has washed up on Indonesian beach - could it be the legendary Kraken monster?

Right as I type this story marine biologists are looking at a newly found carcass that has washed up on a beach in Indonesia this week, could this be the legendary kraken, or some other undocumented sea dweller to science?

A Indonesian local named Asrul Tuanakota just this Tuesday afternoon spotted this mystery animal washed up near Huamal Beach in West Seram District, Maluku. The almost 45 foot long carcass has caused quite a stir with the local residents and created quite the scene in town. Many have speculated that this create is some unknown animal to science, and while I would like to think this might be the case, this find is most certainly some species of whale. Although for the time being until further investigation is done it's anyone's guess what species of whale this carcass belongs to.

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